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Southern Pension Services is an independent third-party plan administration (TPA) consulting firm and has established numerous relationships with financial institutions to provide seamless plan administration, consulting and investment services.

We rely on the financial advisor’s investment expertise – we do not sell investments or other financial products. Investment companies provide multiple investment choices, recordkeeping services, employer financial reports, employee participant statements, employee/employer customer service 800 numbers, financial wellness tools and internet access to account information – investment partners.

As an independent third-party plan administration (TPA) and consulting firm, Southern Pension Services provides the following expertise:

  • Expert plan design, compliance and administration consulting

  • Customized individual attention by professional administrators

  • Accurate and responsive services

  • Proactive assistance and vendor coordination

  • Simple, straightforward and competitive fee schedules

Our sales support services include:

  • Review plan design, service enhancements and compliance red flags
  • Provide sales support for implementation of new or existing plans
  • Attend client meetings with financial advisors
  • Provide Plan Proposals, fee schedules and illustrations

By using our company’s TPA services, together we can provide customer satisfaction at a very high level.

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Southern Pension Services Since 1997

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