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Powerful Skin Options

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Skin Settings

DynamiX includes 21 stunning skin pre-sets, but also allows you to create your own skins easily with the powerful Skin Settings admin page.

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The Skin Settings admin page allows you to modify, duplicate and create new skin sets. The powerful options allows you to create the ideal skin for you website design.

Below is a list of options available;

  • Choose Light or Dark elements
  • Select from two different branding versions
  • Set font size, main, heading, menu font type
  • Control font, link and heading colours
  • Set upto 2 background layers for the Header / Footer
  • Choose from the following background options for Body area;Color / Gradient
    Image Fullscreen
    Image Positioned
    Video / Flash
    Image / Video Cycle
  • Control the opacity value of each layer

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Custom Fonts

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Select from a list of stunning pre-selected google or cufon fonts. With google fonts you can assign them to body text, headings and the menu.

If you’re not content with the pre-selected list, you can even add  your own fonts via the General Settings page.

Simply pick your font from google font library or download a cufon javascript file and upload to your media library.

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